A Guide in First Aid Assessments for Small Businesses

A Guide in First Aid Assessments for Small Businesses

A Guide in First Aid Assessments for Small Businesses
A Guide in First Aid Assessments for Small Businesses

In any time or place, there is a need for tools and knowledge about first aid. Accidents happen and sometimes, these are beyond our control. As much as we take care of our health, watch what we’re doing or where we’re going, accidents and other health-related issues can still happen. Most residences, huge commercial establishments and offices have a first aid kit; however, if you have a small business, it is good to know that you must also have the tools and knowledge that you need on first aid in your place of business. Here is a guide about first aid assessments for small businesses and the basic things you need to know about it. Better be safe than sorry and better to be knowledgeable about this rather than ignorant when you need it later on.

A Guide in First Aid Assessments for Small Businesses

Determine Your First Aid Needs

There are different levels of first aid needs in various places which is why first aid assessments for small businesses are highly recommended. Of course, if you operate a butcher shop, you would need a higher level of first aid service as compared to a flower shop. Once your needs are determined, you will be able to proceed to the next step, which is to provide necessary tools and services.

The Appropriate Tools, Equipment and Knowledge for a Small Business

First aid assessments for small businesses will help you come up with the list of things you need in order to facilitate a first aid procedure. Not all companies, especially small business, can afford to have an in-house nurse which is exactly why you need to have all the tools for first aid if in case an accident or a health-related situation comes up. Alcohol, medicines and bandages are only some of the things you should have on your first aid kit. You can also have your employees trained on first aid procedures such as CPR or what to do when someone chokes or has been badly wounded.

Write Down First Aid Procedures

Depending on the level of the situation or accident that may have occurred in your place of business, first aid assessments for small businesses would recommend that you have everything written down in an official form. Things that must be written down include the name of the person who seeks first aid treatment, the person or persons who attended to the situation, the treatments or medicines that have been administered and the outcome of the situation. This could come in handy later on.

Always Keep Your First Aid Records

Not because someone has been completely healed after a situation that called for first aid assistance, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t suffer from an ailment later on that may be attributed to that. In first aid assessments for small businesses, it is highly recommended for business owners to keep the first aid records for any situation for future use.

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Freddy Krueger

Lets do a little health and safety fiction just for fun.

Freddie Krueger
Ok so when Robert Englund played the role of Fredrick Charles (Freddy Krueger) in the Nightmare on Elm Street series I’m sure he did not have to work with real razor blades attached to his glove?

If he did this would cause a considerable hazard in the workplace!

However we were wondering what a completed risk assessment may look like if this were the case for filming in the UK.

So let’s make a start on what the risk assessment may look like and don’t forget we are not allowed to substitute the real razor glove for this experiment.

Risk assessment form number: Not Real 01

Date: 04/12/2011

Activity being assessed: Filming Nightmare on Elm Street part 83

Location: Anywhere in the UK

Step 1: who may be affected: Actors, employees, the public and anyone who may come into contact with Mr. Englund (including himself?)

Step 2: Hazard type: Cut, Stab, Puncture

Location and type of hazard: Located at the end of Mr. Englunds right arm is a glove containing 4 separate 7 inch long razor sharp steel blades.

This may cause considerable damage to any person who may come into contact with said blades.

Name a few possible foreseen scenarios:

The operator of said glove could forgets he’s is wearing it and try to scratch himself, pick his nose or use the bathroom.

The operator may accidently high five a colleague or shake hands for a job well done.

If there is a fire it could be difficult to activate the alarm while wearing the glove.

Any attempt to eat food or consume a beverage may end in disaster.

There are too many possible scenarios to list but any could result in loss of life or severe injury.

(If you the reader have any suggested scenarios please let us know and the best will be posted here)

Risk level: Very high

Step 4: Action required

Elimination of glove not reasonable practicable as movie is centred around the glove.

Personal protective equipment could be used for off-screen employees but actors would not be able to wear full PPE on set as horror scenes would not have desired impact.

Hazard signs displayed reminding operator to remove glove when not filming a scene and before eating, using bathroom and touching other people or self.

Wine bottle corks to be pressed on the ends of each blade to prevent stabbing. The corks could then be painted the same blue as the blue screen used. The special effects team could then edit out corks on final cut (No pun intended).

Information and training highlighting the manufacturer’s correct use of the glove should be given to all staff involved before use.

Step 5: Assessors name: I M Bored

Date of review: 01/01/2093

Signed: (_i_)

And that would be a UK spec risk assessment for the correct operation of Freddie Krueger’s glove while filming Nightmare on Elm Street in the UK.

Please note this is totally fictional, absolutely not real and has just been for fun.

Let us know what you think

Health and safety concerns in the workplace what is a hazard assessment?

Are you aware that accidents and injuries are leading reason for deaths among employees? Have you considered the significance of hazard assessment to keep employees safe always?

No matter how large or small the organization is or which kind of business your firm partcipates in, accidents occur everyday. Using the stiff competition among companies, altering technologies, rising bottlenecks and alterations in production pattern, it’s inevitable that industrial accidents occur. Companies should keep in mind that insufficient safety recommendations and measures frequently leads to accidents. Some companies neglect to ponder it does not matter how large or small these accidents are, still it affects their productivity and profits.

What’s industrial accident as well as their common causes?

It refers back to the injuries or accident that happens in the place of work. These accidents vary from minor cuts, burns, partial or total disability to dying of sufferers. Majority seem to be triggered by careless, recklessness, faulty machinery and equipment and insufficient training and recommendations.

If these accidents and injuries are avoidable, exactly how should we prevent them? What methods should companies impose to reduce in order to prevent them from occurring?

These accidents could be avoided through the implementation of hazard assessment program.

What’s hazard assessment?

Hazard assessment may be the evaluation or analysis made by companies to recognize risk, to impose measures and also to prevent in order to minimize the appearance of accidents and injuries within the place of work. This isn’t that simple since it requires dedication and plenty to time for you to determine the best way of showing employees having a safe atmosphere to operate in.

It may serve as a benchmark in supplying safe working atmosphere for workers, safety compliance and training, facility audits and assessments and hazard and risk controls.

Steps regarding how to establish a highly effective hazard assessment:

Make certain to create a listing and examine every area of the facility. Identify current work methods, equipment used and just how employees operate they. Make certain to consider the workers’ job description, steps, tasks and good reputation for injuries. Identify what machines are in perils of breakdown or defects. Perhaps you have recognized potential or current risks? What measures in the event you impose to avoid accidents from occurring?

You need to formulate and make specific controls for various regions of your facility, especially individuals greatest risk areas. Your design ought to be categorized from temporary, interim to lengthy-term solutions.

Form an assessment team who’re in-charge with regular inspection and assessment from the facility. These folks also needs to take control from the implementation of strategy plus they also needs to make recommendations if needed.

Once measures are implemented and practiced, you need to monitor their effectiveness and effectiveness. Make sure you think about the weak areas to help you address them immediately.

Lastly, when developing the hazard assessment plan for the organization, make sure to think about the firm’s core values, current techniques and documentation.

By using the recommendations pointed out in advance, you are able to develop your personal hazard assessment plan and stop industrial accidents from happening.

Health and safety for women in the workplace

Within the United kingdom, lots of people discover that you will find lots of rules in how safety and health ought to be handled. You will find rules for a lot of different industries, different rules based on how equipment and chemicals are handled, you will find even rules based on how males and ladies should handle themselves when confronted with workplace accidents.

Women within the place of work face some special concerns, if this involves safety and health. Among the chief concerns through the years continues to be size. Many jobs which have, previously, been centered by males, who by character are bigger and robust, are increasingly being populated with females too. Women are walking into job roles and industries for example construction, which formerly provided possibilities for bigger and more powerful males. The concerns in cases like this are will the ladies be hurt when requested to complete certain jobs that needed more physical strength and size. Safety and health rules managed to get imperative these companies create more compact safety gear of these women to remain safe, and because of technology, tools were designed to assist with heavy-lifting tasks.

Another large concern for ladies within the place of work may be the clothing that they have to whereby industrial jobs, because they industries were for males, the uniforms specified for using the man’s body in your mind, which meant most of the hazards that ladies now faced had related to the dimensions and also the fit of the work clothing. Poor people fit of clothing, safety equipment, shoes along with other work related add-ons, put a lady at risk of great perils of falling, stumbling over clothing, being not able to suit or use safety equipment correctly. Many of these problems result in more at work accidents including accidents.

To be able to minimize this risk, a lot of companies created a safety and health plan that incorporated better fitting women’s put on work clothes, to ensure that the lady was freer to obtain her work done without fear. This required away most of the work related accidents including women within the place of work and in addition it stored males from danger once they attempted in order to save them. It is crucial that companies spend some time considering the requirements of their employees and be sure that they’ll operate in safety. A little factor like altering how big the clothing could possibly be the difference of existence or dying of your valued employees.

Workplace health and safety inspection planning

Planning may be the beginning reason for most activities, planning assessments aren’t any exception. It’s stated that “if you can’t plan you intend to fail.”

When planning a check mark you will find numerous problems that the inspector should bear in mind. Ideally the look to have an inspection should think about who, what, where, when, and just how. Throughout the look the goal from the inspection ought to be stored in your mind. Throughout the inspection the inspector should uncover products which are or will in all probability become in danger conditions or practices according of safety and health within the place of work. This may be consequently of stress, pressure, friction, deterioration, abrasion, corrosion, impact, shock, vibration, warmth, chemical reaction, insufficient maintenance or abuse. Despite general belief, if might not always be the greatest practice to examine the whole place of work each time. Planning for a risk based inspection schedule should reflect the danger profile of every area by permitting more frequent assessments in regions of high-risk. It’s however vital that you range from the entire area within the inspection schedule. Including places that work related activities may rarely occur, for example archives, support machines, parking lots, off page storage areas, and relaxation rooms.

Throughout the look process you should think about the risks connected with the place of work elements. Including the biophysical atmosphere, the folks, the processes and also the plant. It can help to be aware what kind of machinery or devices are present. The overview of the fabric safety data sheets (MSDS) and manufacturers’ safety manuals will prove to add value throughout the inspection. The scrutiny of previous area assessments to understand the danger potential from the devices are also valuable.

For assessments to work it ought to be planned well ahead of time. Effective inspection planning includes the overview of all available info on the region to become looked over. Additionally, it necessitates the gathering of all of the necessary tools that’ll be needed throughout the inspection. You will find also numerous formulations that should be made ahead of time. Including the next:

When the inspection isn’t a surprise inspection the date to have an inspection should be arranged well ahead of time and line managers and area administrators ought to be informed ahead of time to make sure that appropriate plans can be created for use of hard to access areas.

The pre-inspection information needed through the inspection team includes specific and particular details about work practices, hazards, risks and risk control measures highly relevant to the place of work to become looked over. The obtaining of this post is essential to assist the safety and health representative to pay attention to the right in danger conditions and activities for that place of work.

To be able to acquaint him using the area the inspector should obtain and review building and/or floor planes for that structures or area plans from the places to become looked over. With the maps and plans the inspector should acquaint him using the place of work layout and discover what work activities are happening where and which kind of materials are situated where. The data on maps and plans enables the inspector to picture design from the area and obtain and knowledge of the job-flow in the region. All of the high-risk activities and material should particularly be noted.

Overview of the prior inspection reviews for that area to become looked over is yet another valuable supply of information that needs to be utilized throughout the preparation and planning from the inspection. An research into the standards relevant towards the area and also the good reputation for compliance is going to be valuable. Specific attention ought to be provided to any sort of legislation, rules, code of practice, industry standards and company rules relevant towards the processes and equipment used in the region. The standards, risk checks, training records and material safety data sheet (MSDS) relevant for that inspection area ought to be consulted to make sure that the inspector obtain a obvious knowledge of the danger profile from the area to become looked over. The suggested controls should be noted through the inspector for later comparison using what is really happening in the region. Where you will find variations or diversions, they might indicate the existence of a real or potential hazard. The inspector also needs to review accident reviews of accidents that happened in the region that’ll be looked over to make sure that a complete knowledge of the suggested corrective actions is acquired.

The safety and health representative should establish what controls, emergency methods and protective gear are needed to stay in place in the region. The assessment of those will include the evaluation from the potential effectiveness of the several controls connected with every high-risk item.

An exam associated with a complaint received concerning the area is a good indicator from the attitude from the labor force in the region. The kind and character from the complaints can give the inspector a concept of what to anticipate according of the amount of knowledge of the employees in the region. The kind of concerns which have been reported concerning the area may suggest potential in danger conditions and practices that may be expected.

All the documentation the inspector utilises for that preparation from the inspection ought to be evaluated for trends and designs that may showcase in danger conditions and practices that should be focussed on throughout the inspection.

The inspector should make sure that an sufficient way to obtain the right kind of inspection check-lists or place of work inspection forms can be obtained prior to the commencement from the inspection. If required the check-lists or forms ought to be modified to incorporate products of special interest which was recognized throughout the overview of the basic documentation.

The safety and health representative should plan and evaluate the inspection route which are more effective utilisation of the available time with the maps and plans thinking about the goal of the inspection.

It is necessary for that inspection team safe throughout the inspection and offer a great safety and health example in the region. When the correct personal protective gear isn’t already within their possession they ought to arrange to be prior to the inspection. Additionally for this, plans ought to be made for the specialized inspection equipment and tools that might be needed throughout the inspection, with respect to the conditions. Inspection equipment and tools will help the inspector to make sure that high-risk products could be properly and securely looked over which findings made could be are precisely recorded.

Your final overview of the inspection planning information could be necessary before finalizing the inspection. The ultimate plan will even include info on the makeup from the inspection team and also the planned amount of the inspection to complete the objectives and final results from the inspection.

Carl Marx 2009

Free risk assessment template

Need a Free Risk Assessment Template?

Page 1 of Free Risk Assessment Template

Page 1 of risk assessment template Above as you can see this is a universal template that can be edited and adapted for just about any type of activity.

Page 2 of risk assessment template
Page 2 of risk assessment template

This is page 2 where you cross reference the likelihood and the probable outcome of each identified hazard.


We have made some amendments to the template to make it more universal and user friendly!

Please feel free to download the NEW version below

Free Risk Assessment Template

We can even send you another template similar but actually filled out for a similar activity of choice, that should give you a good idea of how to complete it for your line of work.

Please note we are getting a lot of requests for this so please allow extra response time.

These are Microsoft Word format totally unlocked so you can adapt and produce any risk assessment you will ever require.

You don’t need us to tell you that there are plenty of companies online (and off!) who would charge you through the nose for writing out risk assessments!

Well grab your free risk assessment template here before it is removed.

To get help with completing the assessment go to the contact page and leave a message and we will be happy to help you.

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Builders risk assessment templates?

You really need to read this as it could double your income and possibly save your skin!

As a small to medium size builder you will be armed with every tool and piece of equipment you may need, even if you are missing anything you can just hire it as you go.

But even if you have the latest work van filled with the newest top of the range plant and equipment you may need to pay more attention to some none tangible tools. Tools that enable you to secure the job in the first place?

risk assessments

This essential box of tools is often overlooked and without them you could lose a great number of contracts before you even start. This box of tricks is so important most of the bigger successful construction companies employ a dedicated team just to look after them.

I am of course talking about your Risk assessment and method statement templates and software.

As we know in today’s climate you can’t go anywhere without your RAMS (Risk and Method Statements) in order. So you may as well put your shiny new tools back in your shiny new van and get back to the office and start writing.

So many tedious hours to spend witting lots of pages of documents while earning no profit! Sounds like fun.

I bet you would like to have a file on your computer containing a template of any possible risk assessment that may be required? How about method statement templates that can be tweaked to cover almost any job or task?

Well guess what we have just that.

 Health and safety advisor

Now at the moment we do not know what price to charge? As you can imagine it has taken quite a few years to build up this database of documents as we have been writing bespoke packs for various construction companies, Builders,  ground workers and so on.

We are due to have a directors meeting soon to iron out the last steps of launching this pack. Until then we are happy to release the odd bespoke risk assessment on a first come first serve basis.


If you have any input or comments on what you think is a fair price and what you would like to see included, please contact us here with your comments. Oh and we have decided to reward anyone who gives good suggestions that we can use.

So if you want to be updated on the release date and price just leave your email address on the contact page.


Until then stay safe!