At SafetyExpert, we realised that there was plenty of room for improvement when it came to acquiring suitable Health & Safety documentation.

Fed up with hearing about passionate businesses struggle with overpriced, ineffective health and safety consultancy, we realised we could create a better solution. Calling upon our long-standing industry knowledge, we designed a system where we could design businesses a range of health & safety policies & documentation quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

We know that getting the right documentation can be difficult, which is why we’ve developed a system that makes it easier than ever.

We’ve spent years growing our expert team and are proud to provide a service that’s honest, dedicated and non-judgemental.

Health Safety Policy Documentation

Health Safety Compliance Rules Law Regulation H&S Policy Documentation

We Care About You

The experienced consultants at SafetyExpert don’t believe in hard sells or sales meetings, neither do we insist on locking or revoking documents should you decided to discontinue our services. Oh – and did we mention that we don’t rely on contracts to lock you in? Our ongoing services, such as our Health & Safety Competent Person Service, are pay-as-you-go, so you’ll never find yourself shelling out for unexpected payments.

Your peace of mind is of ultimate importance to us. Once you’ve implemented the arrangements detailed in your documents, the likelihood of near misses and accidents will reduce significantly. However, in the event of an accident, we want you to be able to rest assured that the correct documentation & procedures followed will help prove you are conscientious regarding Health & Safety  and have done everything in your power to achieve compliance, reducing your liability as far as reasonably practicable.

Health & safety is a serious business. Our team of experts has the professionalism, industry knowledge and dedication to help you get you the documentation and systems you need.

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We are the only consultants (as far as we know!) who offer this service!

You can create your bespoke Health & Safety Policy and relevant document pack now for a fraction of what you would pay any other consultancy in the UK!

If you need to justify paying more simply pay for our consultants to actually visit your site to complete hands on work and reports!

What do you get in these packs?

You will get the equivalent of what any other Health & Safety Consultants would provide you with some major advantages!

1, Your pack will be unique to you and your organisation, all based on your answers in the relevant section!

2, These fully compliant packs will be up to 90% cheaper than what you would pay other H&S consultants for the same equivalent documentation and support!

3, You can have your documentation and be fully legal in minutes with our computerised system that will instantly create your bespoke policy & pack complete with instant download on payment!

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Health & Safety documentation


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Q: Will this be the same quality as what other H&S Consultants provide?

A: Yes this system has been developed over 10 years by our various qualified H&S Consultants and we can guarantee that it will be as good if not better than any hand written documentation!

Q: Can we achieve CHAS and other accreditation with these documents and support?

A: All of our clients who have used this service have acquired CHAS, Safecontractor, Constructionline, SMAS, SSIP and similar H&S accreditation using this service!

“Please note you have provide evidence to the accrediting body (CHAS etc.) that your staff have adequate training and you have relevant arrangements are in place!” Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with this?

Q: What if i make a mistake or need to edit my documentation?

A: Your documentation (unlike other providers!) comes unlocked so you may edit at your discretion!

“Please note self edited documents cannot be guaranteed by Safety Expert”

Q: Will this pack enable us to deal with large clients, companies and organisations?

A: Yes however you will need to incorporate the H&S systems and arrangements set out in the documentation etc.

Q: How do you know what type of policy we need etc?

A: The computerised algorithm will build your policy in real time based on your provided answers as required.

Q: How many pages will the policy be?

A: The Health & Safety Policy alone can be anything from 40 to over 100 pages depending on industry and answers given etc.

Q: What support do you offer?

A: Depends on the pack you order so please read pack description choices before ordering.

Q: We have a policy in place can we just have the competent person service?

A: Yes however you will be required to send us copies of your existing documentation to ensure it is up to date, relevant, suitable and sufficient before we can be stated as your competent person in H&S

“Please note if your existing documentation requires updating we will send you an estimate prior to commencement. Please use the contact form to arrange”

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