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Safety and health culture is frequently seen as obstacle to creating money. However, by not doing anything each clients are going for a major risk in departing its assets uncovered with other organizations. By looking into making an acceptable investment every year, you are able to safeguard your hard won assets.

Request yourself this

May be the business covered?

Will I know everything I ought to?

Have i got Asbestos during my building (Asbestos dust the quiet killer)

What affects the company and employees?

Is my company service user-friendly to persons with disabilities?

Would I be ready to let the organization be named and killed through foibles that may be easily prevented?

Central Safety Working as a consultant Services Limited (CSCS) is really a customer-focused organisation supplying a variety of services made to assist clients fulfil their responsibilities under current legislation.

We’d anticipate our fee plans won’t be matched up by every other provider offering an identical service. However, we’d claim that our fee isn’t of prime importance when thinking about our appointment.

The most important thing is your organisation receives quality suggestions about becoming compliant with safety and health legislation.

We are proud of the truth that for most of the projects that we’ve been commissioned we’ve been able to utilize our understanding and expertise make it possible for organisations achieve their proper goals whether that might be legal compliance or best practice but more to the point assistance to achieve them..

To put it simply – sensible advice at sensible cost.

Do your favour. Resolve today that before year finishes you’ll enable you to get safety and health checked. Ensure you are well on the best side from the law.

Why delay? For overview of your current safety and health performance, contact CSCS for the FREE, no obligation initial safety and health survey.

Whatever your safety needs, we’re always available to reply to any query you might have.

Should you require any more info on safety and health issues why don’t you send email to and our team will contact you shortly.

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