Freddy Krueger

Lets do a little health and safety fiction just for fun.

Freddie Krueger
Ok so when Robert Englund played the role of Fredrick Charles (Freddy Krueger) in the Nightmare on Elm Street series I’m sure he did not have to work with real razor blades attached to his glove?

If he did this would cause a considerable hazard in the workplace!

However we were wondering what a completed risk assessment may look like if this were the case for filming in the UK.

So let’s make a start on what the risk assessment may look like and don’t forget we are not allowed to substitute the real razor glove for this experiment.

Risk assessment form number: Not Real 01

Date: 04/12/2011

Activity being assessed: Filming Nightmare on Elm Street part 83

Location: Anywhere in the UK

Step 1: who may be affected: Actors, employees, the public and anyone who may come into contact with Mr. Englund (including himself?)

Step 2: Hazard type: Cut, Stab, Puncture

Location and type of hazard: Located at the end of Mr. Englunds right arm is a glove containing 4 separate 7 inch long razor sharp steel blades.

This may cause considerable damage to any person who may come into contact with said blades.

Name a few possible foreseen scenarios:

The operator of said glove could forgets he’s is wearing it and try to scratch himself, pick his nose or use the bathroom.

The operator may accidentally high five a colleague or shake hands for a job well done.

If there is a fire it could be difficult to activate the alarm while wearing the glove.

Any attempt to eat food or consume a beverage may end in disaster.

There are too many possible scenarios to list but any could result in loss of life or severe injury.

(If you the reader have any suggested scenarios please let us know and the best will be posted here)

Risk level: Very high

Step 4: Action required

Elimination of glove not reasonable practicable as movie is centred around the glove.

Personal protective equipment could be used for off-screen employees but actors would not be able to wear full PPE on set as horror scenes would not have desired impact.

Hazard signs displayed reminding operator to remove glove when not filming a scene and before eating, using bathroom and touching other people or self.

Wine bottle corks to be pressed on the ends of each blade to prevent stabbing. The corks could then be painted the same blue as the blue screen used. The special effects team could then edit out corks on final cut (No pun intended).

Information and training highlighting the manufacturer’s correct use of the glove should be given to all staff involved before use.

Step 5: Assessors name: I M Bored

Date of review: 01/01/2093

Signed: (_i_)

And that would be a UK spec risk assessment for the correct operation of Freddie Krueger’s glove while filming Nightmare on Elm Street in the UK.

Please note this is totally fictional, absolutely not real and has just been for fun.

Let us know what you think

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