Builders risk assessment templates?

If you are concerned about builders risk assessment templates, you really need to read this as it could increase your income and possibly save your skin!

As a small to medium size builder you will be armed with every tool and piece of equipment you may need, even if you are missing anything you can just hire it as you go.

But even if you have the latest work van filled with the newest top of the range plant and equipment you may need to pay more attention to some none tangible tools. Tools that enable you to secure the job in the first place?

Builders risk assessment templates

risk assessments

This essential box of tools is often overlooked and without them you could lose a great number of contracts before you even start. This box of tricks is so important most of the bigger successful construction companies employ a dedicated team just to look after them.

I am of course talking about your Risk assessment and method statement templates and software.

As we know in today’s climate you can’t go anywhere without your RAMS (Risk and Method Statements) in order. So you may as well put your shiny new tools back in your shiny new van and get back to the office and start writing.

So many tedious hours to spend witting lots of pages of documents while earning no profit! Sounds like fun.

I bet you would like to have a file on your computer containing a template of any possible risk assessment that may be required? How about method statement templates that can be tweaked to cover almost any job or task?

Well guess what we have just that.

Recommended minimum for companies employing less than 5 people who do not have a nominated competent person!

  1. Full Tailored Health & Safety Policy
  2. Risk Assessments Template Pack
  3. Email Support
  4. Competent Person Certificate

Recommended minimum for companies employing more than 5 people who do not have a nominated competent person!

  1. Full Tailored Health & Safety Policy
  2. Health Safety Document Industry Specific Folders
  3. Risk Assessments Template Pack
  4. Telephone & Email Support
  5. Competent Person Certificate

With Safety Expert’s easy-to-use online service, you can get bespoke, affordable H&S documentation in minutes – saving you both time and money.

Builders risk assessment template
Be compliant in the next few minutes!

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Now at the moment we do not know what price to charge? As you can imagine it has taken quite a few years to build up this database of documents as we have been writing bespoke packs for various construction companies, Builders,  ground workers and so on.

We are due to have a directors meeting soon to iron out the last steps of launching this pack. Until then we are happy to release the odd bespoke risk assessment on a first come first serve basis.


If you have any input or comments on what you think is a fair price and what you would like to see included, please contact us here with your comments. Oh and we have decided to reward anyone who gives good suggestions that we can use.

So if you want to be updated on the release date and price just leave your email address on the contact page.

Until then stay safe!

Builders risk assessment templates

How did a small father and son building company quadruple workload and profit almost over night?

And he didn’t spend a penny on advertising.

One happy busy builder
One happy busy builder

That’s right most builders are struggling through the recession but this one can’t take on any more work until he buys another van and sets on some more labour.

His secret also applies to most other small businesses such as plumbers, electricians, joiners, window installers and most probably you.

There is a little known gem that the few successful business owners keep close to their hearts. This answers why most small companies stay small or die.

Why do the majority keep undercutting and scrapping each other for work while the smart ones are booked up months in advance with their customers happily paying above the odds?

Have you noticed when you ask people of all trades “are you busy?” the majority will answer “ not really, it’s up and down” or “could do with a bit more” but every so often there is that confident looking one with the sneaky smile and you just know he is doing well.

Now you can join this exclusive club.

So what is this all-powerful secret to guarantee you more wealth and business now?

It all boils down to trust and confidence. The busiest companies at the moment all have one thing in common; no matter whether they are small businesses or multi nationals. If the client can trust you then you will get the business!

So how do you demonstrate your commitment to quality and professionalism?

You have to think like the client!

Let’s say you’re acting as the client.

You ask three building contractors quote for a job. You explain what needs doing and then you wait for the replies to come back.

Imagine all three quotes arrive at the same price, however one of the quotes contained a full up to date health and safety policy complete with risk assessments, method statements and a brief description of how they intend to carry out the work.

Would you be paying more attention to this contractor?

Now imagine two of the quotes were slightly lower than yours but your quote included all the extra safety information.

Bingo you have just won a new contract with the highest price!

How do we know?

The builder above purchased a custom-made health and safety policy he implied these strategies and has never looked back. Every quote he sends has a copy of his health and safety policy and risk assessments plus a commitment to quality all presented in a professional pack. This in turn has instilled confidence to all prospects and thus gained him even more work through referrals and word of mouth.

So do you want to see these type of results?

If you not mad, then don’t send your quotes until you make sure you present them in a professional manner complete with your own health and safety policy, risk assessments, method statements and anything else that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Use these tactics and you will almost never have to spend on wasted advertising.

Now you know why all those quotes and tenders you sent in never got you a response even though you know you were the cheapest.

If you need a custom-made health and safety pack you can have yours built here.

I just hope you can cope with all the new work?

How to write a fire risk assessment for company premises

So now that the Fire and Rescue Authority do not have to issue a fire certificate for your company premises what are you to do?

Well in October 2006 the law changed and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 was born. This basically means that fire certificates are now a thing of the past and are not valid.

company fire risk assessment

This means you as a Business Owner or Director are responsible for safety of your employees and anyone who may be affected by fire and must carry out a fire risk assessment.

This is a legal requirement for all UK businesses.



We supply a simple but powerful fire check list/risk assessment template that can be purchased below. The tick box system contains just three possible answers ” Yes, No and N/A”.

Your goal is to walk round your premises and answer either Yes or N/A to each question. If you do happen to answer “No” to any of the questions there is a guidance sheet that corresponds to each question and will give details of what systems you need to put in place to be safe and legal.

This template can be used for almost any type of company premises.

You will receive this editable word document by email.



The best way to get yourself above-board is have a quick walk around your building and make sure first that all fire exits and walk ways are always clear and free from obstruction. I’m sure many of you have seen such things as files being scattered on the floor and so on. make a plan to check the escape routes once a week and make your staff aware of the dangers.

Also make sure that the exits themselves are not locked or chained up as this is illegal.

The next thing you may want to check is the fire extinguishers, check to see when the next inspection date is and see that they are fixed securely to a wall at the correct hight. A fire extinguisher holding a fire door open is a big no-no as you can imagine but happens all the time.

You need to work out what the fasted and shortest means of escape is from different areas in the building. Once you have marked out the best routs make a simple diagram showing this and display it in a prominent place where employees will be able to see it and make them aware of its presence.

You now need to find a suitable place outside and away from the building where you can have an assembly point. This needs to be a safe place preferably not crossing a road or near dangerous traffic.

Once you have establish the assembly point you must inform all employees and mark it on the diagrams you created for the escape routs.

This highlights just some of the main aspects you need to start thinking about to become safe and legal but as you can imagine there is a lot more involved we are just pointing you in the right direction.

For a more substantial understanding of your obligations can download various guidance notes from the HSE website or why not try our fire checklist/assessment template above.




Does internet safety software keep kids safe?

What are your children looking at online and who are they talking to on social media sites?

When it comes to the plethora of dangers our children are exposed to when browsing the internet one has to ask “should I be doing more to protect my child?”

internet blocking software

This question has been hitting our inbox like the rounds of a relentless mini gun and to be honest I did not want to get involved with this topic due to its delicate nature and as a parent myself I do not like to think of such things.

But as the bloodsuckers at the major news broadcasters and press thrive from trying to keep parents in a constant state of fear i am going to try to keep and end this post on a slightly different topic to the norm.

OK so to get the usual stuff out the way without scaremongering, some of the common dangers in this digital minefield include but are not limited to:

Cyber Bullying

Exposure to criminals (including pedophiles)


Potential stalking

illegal how to information

and so on

Now according to a recent survey a group of parents were asked whether they let their kids online in private (i.e. bedroom and so on), if they have any type of spy or blocking software on their computers and if their children have access the internet on their phones.

38% of parents let their children online whenever they want with no restrictions or software.

So the topic we want to highlight here is Morality and trust

Now I know a lot of you out there would not dare put blocking software or suggest to a stroppy teenager that they cannot use the internet as it may cause a backlash ending in the sentence “YOUR SOOO UNFAIR!”. No? Maybe its just mine then?

Anyway the fact is you know what is best for your kids so what are the alternatives.


Advise and communicate the dangers of online activity?

Internet ban?

Internet only for certain hours in public area (not in private room)?

Internet blocking software (block harmful or adult sites)?

Spy software (snoop on your child and see what they have been up to)?


Well I assume that the answer will be different for most families as we all have different situations to face and contend with.

I personally would talk to my kids first in the “bad news sandwich” type way. If you’re not familiar with this it is the same as the “criticism sandwich” where by you start the conversation with something positive on a similar subject then slowly move towards criticism (or highlighting dangers in this case) then end on something nice and positive again. This works wonders with kids as you don’t end on an argument.

Here is an example of how I would approach it:



Hey Son I want to find out about what way you are using the internet for apart from just playing games.

OK Dad well I was just working on my homework and doing a bit of research about the Roman Empire and then I am going to talk to some of my friends on Facebook.

How are you getting on with your reasearch?

OK but there are so many sites I don’t know what to look at and where to find what I need.

Have you tried Wikipedia? it is a fantastic site and has reliable content on almost any subject you can think of.

Oh yeah I heard someone talking about that I will give it a try thanks.

So Son how many Facebook friends do you have now?

Over 200

Yeh that’s loads more than me, do you know all of them personally?

Yeh there all my friends at school apart from 1 pending but im not to sure who he is?

Well don’t add him until you know who it is as there are some people out there who are not honest and even criminals who just want to add you and may even be pretending to be someone else.

Why would someone do that Dad?

Well some people are just not well off and have to steal and cheat for a living, Look im not saying you should be too worried just keep it in mind not to give out your details of where you live, school, phone numbers or anything like that and never arrange to meet anyone you don’t know no matter what they tell you. Most people in life are good but it is easy for the bad ones to hide behind a computer.

OK dad no problem

So let me show you Wikipedia and then I will let you try to beat me at Gran Tourismo.

No way Dad you’ve got no chance I can beat you and I havent even got a driving license.




See how I start off speaking about something positive and slowly bring up the negative subject and finally take his mind off it by changing the subject again to something positive.

And that folks is the bad news sandwich.


If your relationship is a bit more rocky or its a pre-pubescent teen your dealing with you may want to opt for the internet safety software.

There are certain moral issues you will have to deal with when it comes to spying on your kids but blocking is a more upfront way to deal with it.


If you feel your child is spending too much time alone on the internet and seems to become withdrawn and not want to be involved with the family or their personality seems to drastically change you may already have a problem and I would definitely take action one way or the other.

Ending thoughts

If your child has a free reign of internet access and they seem to have had a personality transplant (for the worse!) Try talking to them, if this does not work and you think that an internet ban will make things worse you have to ask yourself is spying on them going to cause as much harm compared as if they are really in danger?

This is the moral issue that i will end on.


All comments and experiences are welcome but please keep them child friendly.




Are Rottweilers easy to train or dangerous?

We have this E-mail today and would love any comments from people who have views on Rottweilers, plus any information on whether just anyone is able to train them or do they need to become a professional trainer?

Dangerous Rottweiler

Dear Safety Expert

I am a 42-year-old male and have recently changed my job to allow me to work from home. This has been fine so far but leaves me a lot of time to myself as the children are at school all day and my wife works full-time.

I was thinking about getting a Dog for myself and the family and have always fancied a Rottweiler as my uncle used to own one when i was a teenager. I have vivid memories of his dog Frank, we used to visit my uncle in the South of Spain for the Summer holidays and he would let me take Frank for long walks for hours and hours through the Spanish orange groves.

So having a lot of time in the day I could walk a large dog (im sure they need lots of exercise) for a few hours at a time. Now I know im not 13 anymore and I wont be in the south of spain but still I think it will be great.

OK so I was talking to a few people at the local bar and told them about my plans and all I can describe is a look of horror on there faces.

They then spent the next hour warning me about how dangerous Rottweilers are and how they are on the dangerous dog list and what impact it could have on my family.

As you can imagine I started to doubt my memories with frank and started to question myself as whether I would be able to train such a dog or should I not bother and get something smaller?

So I would like it if you could put this letter up on your website in the hope that people with similar experience could give me some advice and let me know if these dogs are really a threat to my family’s health and safety.

Best regards

Mr. Dog lover

So there you have it folks all comments are welcome.

Is working on oil rig dangerous or worth the salary ?

Lots of people are looking to work on oil rigs as an alternative to the more usual career options over the last few years.

This has been put down to the economic downturn and the lack of jobs out there.

We have been talking to a young man who has been in the construction industry for some years but has found that there is much less work available. With this in mind and recently starting a family he has decided to have a look at working the offshore oil rigs. He has admitted that it will be a struggle at first working away from his family but considers that the benefit of working 6 months on and six months off will give him more quality time with his family than he may get with a normal job where you just see the family at night and weekends.

Oh and not to mention that oil rig jobs offer high salary (up to 4 times his normal income) paid!

So far this all sounds pretty reasonable and worth investigation, but what about health and safety aboard the rigs?

I mean there is no point getting paid a hundred grand a year if you’re not going to be about to enjoy it right?

Well we have been doing a bit of investigating and this is what we have found out so far.

A lot of attention and time is put into health and safety (generally and training) including inductions, safety meetings and tool box talks.

There is a ban on all things that cause fire (don’t take your matches!) and you have to remove batteries from your electrical items before admittance to the platform.

All luggage is searched before you board the helicopter or boat to prevent anything that may cause harm.

Various drug and alcohol test are carried out and there is even a breathalyzer before you are granted access on board many rigs if you look a bit groggy.

You are sure to lose your oil rig job if found to breach any safety rules.

Each offshore oil rig has a medic and its own mini hospital but there will always be a helicopter or some means of fast transport on call for emergencies but this will be at best a couple of hours (you are in the middle of the sea miles from civilisation!).

All equipment used on the rigs has a special colour code that indicate when it has been tested (these test are to higher standards than normal onshore work).

Due to catastrophes in the past health and safety is a high priority but lets face it you are drilling for highly flammable materials in the middle of nowhere!

As one official said problems on oil rigs are like plane crashes they are very rare but do a lot of damage when they do happen.

So would it worry you to be an air stewardess or an oil rig worker?

If you are interested in working on the rigs check out some of these sites.

Safety at work act

What is the safety at work act?

In the UK it is called the health and safety at work act 1974.

The legislation can be found at



Disclaimer make every effort to keep all information on this site correct and accurate, disclaim any warranty or representation, expressed or implied about accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for any particular or other purpose,  Thus, you assume total and full responsibility for using any information on this Web site, and you fully understand and agree that neither nor any of their affiliates or contributors are responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from its use.

Health and safety policy for small businesses

What are the health and safety requirements for small businesses?

Can we write our own policy?

Can we buy a health and safety policy?

Who has to sign the health and safety policy?

How often does the policy have to be updated?

These are some of the most common questions we get asked, so we have decided to add this page to help people gain a better understanding of what is required from a small business owners point a view.

OK first off, there are many requirements that a small business must adhere to. Not only to comply with legislation but also you should think from a moral standpoint.

The good news is that complying with legislation and working above the minimum recommended standards will not only keep you legal but you will find many other benefits such as staff should be happy and content that they are working for an employer who cares for their well-being, working practices that in the long run should be more efficient and productive, you should find once you can tick all the boxes regarding health and safety you may be more attractive to potential clients who are looking for a responsible business to work with and of course less future legal issues.

Depending on your type of business and how many employees you have there are numerous variations in legislation that could effect you. We will just highlight the main and most common areas for now but if you are worried that you have a specialised type of business that require special legislation then you can always contact us for help and current legislation in your area.

OK so assuming you have a small typical type business with 5 or more employees these are just some of the things you will need to address.

Please note this list is by no means exhaustive and as we all know legislation can change at a moments notice and is always being improved.


Employers liability insurance.

Yes It is a legal requirement if you employ anyone and you should also have the certificate on display, Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969.

Health and safety law poster.

You need to put up this poster somewhere that is accessible and visible to all of your employees. You can if you prefer supply your employees with a leaflet individually called “Health and Safety Law: what you should know.

Accident book.

You should have an accident book to record accidents and near misses.

Health and safety policy.

If you have 5 or more employees you need to have a written health and safety policy. This will have several main sections.

This should include a general statement that should be signed and dated. It will have to state company and employee responsibilities and who is responsible for doing what.

Health and safety risks and what measures need to be taken to eliminate or reduce these risks.

Consultation with employees, who represents the employees and who will provide the consultation.

Safe plant and equipment highlighting who is responsible for providing maintenance and repairs and other procedures, Who purchases new equipment and so on.

Substance handling, Who is responsible for identifying, safe handling and use of hazardous substances.

Who is responsible for producing and reviewing COSHH assessments and informing employees.

Risk assessments

You need to identify hazards and eliminate or at least reduce risks to anyone who may be involved or effected buy your working activities.

You also needs to document your findings and describe actions to be taken.

These assessments also need to be reviewed regularly.


As you probably guessed this list keeps on getting larger as legislation and new technologies change.

We will check back often to add more to this page.

We would suggest however if you would like an up to date specific list of what your company may need why not use the contact form at and give us a brief description of what you do, we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.