Why Use Safety Expert Automated Health & Safety Software?

Why use Safety Expert Automated Health & Safety Software for HS Policy creation instead of having other H&S Consultants, Companies write your policy manually?

We felt we needed to write this post (please check the date published!) before we rolled out the full automated service on our website as we know this service will be disruptive to the H&S industry and there may be a lot of highly paid consultants and companies who will not be very happy with the services we provide!

Why? because we provide the same as them only cheaper, faster, better and easier for the customer to control!

Why use Safety Expert Automated Health Safety Software

Ultimately YOU (the end user) will not have to pay over the odds or be tied down to lengthy contracts that are nearly impossible to get out of!

We know this is a very common situation at the moment!

So with this in mind let’s remember the following story from the recent past…

Not so long ago Taxi services were overpriced and unreliable but then Uber turned up and disrupted the industry by lowering prices and automating the whole system where you could order a ride with a click of a button and track your vehicle via an app on your phone. No more calling for a cab and then endless calls to the taxi rank asking “where is my taxi?” while waiting outside in the cold with no idea when your car my turn up and then having to guess the price!

We all remember the outcry and restrictions put in place on Uber as councils & local taxi firms did not like the cheaper, better service taking profits from them that they had enjoyed taking for years without much competition!

Did these organisations and government legislators ever mention that lots of people could now get around for a lot less money, share rides and split fares, avoid drink driving? And not to mention things like vulnerable people no longer having to wait on street corners in the middle of the night!

No of course not as lost profits for these groups were on the line!

So eventually and inevitably Uber, Lyft and other similar type companies had to comply with a list of regulations and show improvements in certain areas etc. all for them to be ALLOWED to operate in certain cities and areas!

These companies have now ultimately improved the whole industry and thankfully the old antiquated companies and systems have either stopped trading or had to step up their game and improve service to the end user or go out of business!

So in the long run this has been better for you the customer!

So what does this have to do with Safety Expert?

Well we know how the occupational health & safety industry works and we know that it is often overpriced and portrayed as very complicated. So we want to make it easier, cheaper and simpler for you just like the story above!

However we know that we may receive some fierce resistance as did Uber!

So what is the difference with using our service compared to the usual type H&S Consultants?

1, Contracts

Why would you have to sign up for a 1 or 2 year contract, surely you should be able to cancel at any time if you were not happy with the service provided?

Safety Expert only offer pay as you go services so you simply buy the documentation you require (then you own it!) and our HS competent person service is on monthly subscription basis so can be cancelled at any time!

Don’t forget that contracts are most of these companies bread and butter so they do not want you to cancel and will make it very difficult for you to leave!

You may also not be aware that you can have an employee be your competent person with the correct experience and training (contact us for details) however some of these companies will convince you it is better to use them so they get paid monthly.

We obviously also offer this service if you need it as some small to medium size companies do not have the personnel and/or resources to have this covered in house, so feel free to use our pay as you go service if required? And we can almost guarantee it will be cheaper!

2, Health Safety Document Creation

Do you think your consultant has written your H&S Policy from scratch? Of course not it is simply the correct sections in the correct order dependent on industry and other specifics from information gathered!

The Safety Expert online system algorithm has been written by professional Health & Safety Consultants and uses the same queries to create your documentation based on your answers and input to the fields located on our online document creation forms! (Takes around 10 minutes to complete!)

The only differences is that our system;

  • Creates the document instantly from your answers
  • Enables you to download your documents on completion (within minutes!)
  • Is not locked so you can edit as you desire
  • Costs considerably less than any other bespoke documentation you could get anywhere else!

3, Health & Safety Site Visits

How many H&S site visits do you have each year booked in at the moment?

Most consultants schedule you an amount of visits per year and then raise a report after each. This is usually done at the same times each year and repeats indefinitely as per your contract.

Safety Expert only offer day rate for visits as and when you need them and these can be for everything from HS Audits, Fire and other Risk Assessment, Onsite Training and everything in-between and/or anything any HS Consultants can help you with!

Why have scheduled visits when they are not at the best possible time for what you require them?

We could go on and on however hopefully you get the idea that with us you will get the same (if not better!) level of service and products however it will be;

  • A lot simpler
  • A lot cheaper
  • You will be compliant a lot faster
  • You will own your documentation
  • You can manage services with ease

Have a look at our H&S services here at what we offer and get yourself up to date within minutes!

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