Health Safety Manual Policy Documentation For Keycutting

Health and safety manual, policy, risk assessments templates and documentation written by our advisers and professional consultants for your Keycutting type company ensuring you are on the road to legal compliance with health & safety legislation in the UK.

Health Safety Manual Policy Documentation For Keycutting

If you are the owner or manager of a Keycutting type company, business or organisation then you should be aware that you have legal duties, obligations and responsibilities as written in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the ever evolving legislation and regulations contained within.

We understand that this can be a minefield to keep up with in the Keycutting type business / industry and that is why we have created simple to setup and easy to understand health & safety packs for the lots of businesses and are here to help with the Keycutting type sector!

Health Safety Packs

These professionally written health and safety manual documentation and policy packs includes everything you need to get started and will help ensure you are on the road to compliance! However the best part is these packs are bespoke and tailored to your business based on answers give in the online or emailed questionnaires.


All you need to do is ensure you fill out the forms with details about your Keycutting type business and the Health & Safety manual policy will be populated for your Keycutting type business as shown in this quick start guide video below! So why not have a quick look now to see the process (it runs just over a couple of minutes!)

Please note if your Keycutting type business is not listed on the HS Pack Page we may have to create your pack in house so please contact us first as we have to add and remove industries regularly depending on ever changing legislation and many other factors!

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We are here to help and offer a more hands on & in house services than these simple but effective  Health & Safety packs and have professional advisers in our office that can assist if you feel these packs may not cover everything within your Keycutting type business? We can answer any potential queries you may have first so if you are not sure or need a more personal service please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Alternatively you may order online and once you have made yourself familiar with your health and safety pack, if you feel there may be gaps or items not relevant you may contact us to adjust and upgrade your pack to include relevant items for an administration time based fee so you can be confident either way.

You may also like to know we can visit you and help with any of the following and a lot more!

Health Safety Site Audit

Nominated Competent Person

Health Safety Training

Fire Risk Assessment

Health Safety Training

On Site Risk Assessments

Document Creation

Safety Monitoring

Compliance Audits

Health Safety Accreditation Assistance

Management & Staff Training

Crisis Assistance

Accident & Near Miss Investigations

Contravention Notice Assistance

HSE Visit Advice

And much more

We have advisers in most geographical and professional areas so any queries and/or issues you may have can be addressed fast.

Health Safety Manual Policy Documentation For Keycutting

You may use our automated system for the industries as listed on the specific HS Pack Pages, however if you need a more personal touch why not get in contact for a no nonsense, friendly chat about your requirements for  your Keycutting type sector Health & Safety Manual requirements?

Either way we are sure that once you have chosen how to move forward you will be much more informed on your responsibilities as an organisation of how to ensure you can achieve compliance ultimately leading to peace of mind and a safer environment for all involved.

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Health Safety Manual Policy Documentation For Keycutting