Health Safety Consultants Plymouth

Health Safety Consultants Plymouth

Do you need to get your health and safety up to date quickly, for the best possible price while being in contact with friendly professionals who speak in simple terms?

Welcome to the last health and safety site you need to visit

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If your company is in the United Kingdom and employs 5 or more people you are required by law to have a bare minimum of a written health & safety policy, risk assessments and a nominated competent person qualified in health and safety?

This will have been highlighted if you have tried to get health and safety accreditation, had a health and safety questionnaire from a reputable business or heaven forbid had a visit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Here you will be able to get these issues and documentation tailored to your company in the fastest possible way and we are sure you cannot get this value for money anywhere else

Okay so your first priority will be to ensure you have a documented health and safety policy, risk assessments and a nominated competent person who is qualified in health and safety

We can supply all this with our express service so you will be up and running by this time tomorrow


If you need more services than what are shown above let us know as we can cover almost anything health and safety related

Our Health Safety Consultants Plymouth will compile the pack just for you

Click here to view the platinum pack (for a complete health and safety solution) or contact us if you need specific services, site visits or advice and more information

Please contact our health and safety consultants Plymouth for other prices and services by using the contact form


Don’t risk having an inadequate policy it is not worth it!

Health Safety Consultants Plymouth

Health safety consultants Plymouth

Health and safety compliance has never been so important for business owners like you!

  1. Now the “where there’s blame, there’s a claim” culture has taken hold can you afford a hefty fine or court case?
  2. Are you aware that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have introduced their powers “under the first fee for intervention system” whereby they can visit and fine any company on areas of none compliance?
  3. Finally and most importantly the main reason for health and safety compliance is ensuring no one gets injured due to your company and processes

So whether you need some friendly help and advice with your health and safety issues, or you already know what you are looking for?

Our health safety consultants Plymouth are waiting to help you so why not contact us (Working Nation Wide) today with no obligation to buy

Health Safety Consultants Plymouth


Q) What is the process for me to buy online?

A) Once you have chosen a pack simply click on it to order, after your payment details have gone through you will be directed to complete a short questionnaire (takes 4 minutes to complete!) that has questions about your Company, Management, Arrangements and so on. Simply fill this in and send it back to us. We can then compile your full up to date unique health and safety policy pack.

Q) We have a special or obscure company can you still cover us?

A) In special cases our health safety consultants Plymouth will see the questionnaire and know we will need more information from you, so we will contact you to ask about the extra required details of your company before writing your policy.

Q) Can we edit and update our own policy?

A) Yes unlike others health safety consultants who lock your documentation our health and safety policies are sent to you in Microsoft Word format and can be edited and updated in any way.

Q) Why do we need a health and safety policy?

A) If you have 5 or more employees, you must have an H&S Policy by law.

Q) Can we achieve CHAS, Safecontractor and other accreditation with these packs?

A) These packs comply with accreditation’s as long as you are complying with your duties under health and safety legislation. Note: most accreditation organisations ask for proof of staff training and various other items you will need to do yourself! We can give you help, advice and guide you through the process.

Q) Do your documents apply to different industries like service, retail, manufacturing, administration and so on?

A) Yes, we cover all of the above and much more! (If your are unsure please contact us!)

Q) Is the policy just for show to customers?

A) No! You must read and apply the policy and base your safe working practices around it.

Health Safety Consultants Plymouth


This is not an automated service! We have professional health and safety consultants Plymouth working on your documents that are encouraged to contact you if required with specific questions about exactly what your company does ensuring we can cover everything you need.

We have successfully been creating and supplying quality health and safety services for over twenty years!

Has a potential client sent you a health & safety questionnaire (or required you to have CHAS, Safecontractor or any other accreditation) before approving your contract? Not sure about the questions or how to fill in the answers? Just contact us and we will be happy to guide you through, you can then send a copy of the questionnaire and we will be happy to help.
Once you’re on board we will become part of your team! We are here to help you with even the little things. You will get the guarantee that someone in the office is waiting to help you! So if you have a question just ask!

It’s simple;

We are confident that once you experience our products and services, you will be a loyal and eager customer maybe even recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

With this in mind you get our 100% risk-free guarantee!

That’s all there is to it!


Some of our most popular services


We can provide your company with any of the following (and much more)

  1. Advice from health safety consultants Plymouth
  2. Company & site audits
  3. Professionally written health and safety policy specific to your company
  4. Competent person service
  5. CHAS, Safecontractor and other accreditation help
  6. Risk assessments
  7. Fire risk assessments
  8. Method statements & safe systems of work
  9. COSHH assessments
  10. Accident & investigation reports
  11. Dangerous occurrence
  12. Display screen equipment assessments
  13. Health & Safety Audits, Inspections
  14. Environmental Policy
  15. Safety Signs for the Workplace

And much more

Health Safety Consultants Plymouth

Health Safety Consultants Plymouth