How did a small father and son building company quadruple workload and profit almost over night?

And he didn’t spend a penny on advertising.

One happy busy builder
One happy busy builder

That’s right most builders are struggling through the recession but this one can’t take on any more work until he buys another van and sets on some more labour.

His secret also applies to most other small businesses such as plumbers, electricians, joiners, window installers and most probably you.

There is a little known gem that the few successful business owners keep close to their hearts. This answers why most small companies stay small or die.

Why do the majority keep undercutting and scrapping each other for work while the smart ones are booked up months in advance with their customers happily paying above the odds?

Have you noticed when you ask people of all trades “are you busy?” the majority will answer “ not really, it’s up and down” or “could do with a bit more” but every so often there is that confident looking one with the sneaky smile and you just know he is doing well.

Now you can join this exclusive club.

So what is this all-powerful secret to guarantee you more wealth and business now?

It all boils down to trust and confidence. The busiest companies at the moment all have one thing in common; no matter whether they are small businesses or multi nationals. If the client can trust you then you will get the business!

So how do you demonstrate your commitment to quality and professionalism?

You have to think like the client!

Let’s say you’re acting as the client.

You ask three building contractors quote for a job. You explain what needs doing and then you wait for the replies to come back.

Imagine all three quotes arrive at the same price, however one of the quotes contained a full up to date health and safety policy complete with risk assessments, method statements and a brief description of how they intend to carry out the work.

Would you be paying more attention to this contractor?

Now imagine two of the quotes were slightly lower than yours but your quote included all the extra safety information.

Bingo you have just won a new contract with the highest price!

How do we know?

The builder above purchased a custom-made health and safety policy he implied these strategies and has never looked back. Every quote he sends has a copy of his health and safety policy and risk assessments plus a commitment to quality all presented in a professional pack. This in turn has instilled confidence to all prospects and thus gained him even more work through referrals and word of mouth.

So do you want to see these type of results?

If you not mad, then don’t send your quotes until you make sure you present them in a professional manner complete with your own health and safety policy, risk assessments, method statements and anything else that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Use these tactics and you will almost never have to spend on wasted advertising.

Now you know why all those quotes and tenders you sent in never got you a response even though you know you were the cheapest.

If you need a custom-made health and safety pack you can have yours built here.

I just hope you can cope with all the new work?

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