Builders risk assessment templates?

If you are concerned about builders risk assessment templates, you really need to read this as it could increase your income and possibly save your skin!

As a small to medium size builder you will be armed with every tool and piece of equipment you may need, even if you are missing anything you can just hire it as you go.

But even if you have the latest work van filled with the newest top of the range plant and equipment you may need to pay more attention to some none tangible tools. Tools that enable you to secure the job in the first place?

Builders risk assessment templates

risk assessments

This essential box of tools is often overlooked and without them you could lose a great number of contracts before you even start. This box of tricks is so important most of the bigger successful construction companies employ a dedicated team just to look after them.

I am of course talking about your Risk assessment and method statement templates and software.

As we know in today’s climate you can’t go anywhere without your RAMS (Risk and Method Statements) in order. So you may as well put your shiny new tools back in your shiny new van and get back to the office and start writing.

So many tedious hours to spend witting lots of pages of documents while earning no profit! Sounds like fun.

I bet you would like to have a file on your computer containing a template of any possible risk assessment that may be required? How about method statement templates that can be tweaked to cover almost any job or task?

Well guess what we have just that.

Recommended minimum for companies employing less than 5 people who do not have a nominated competent person!

  1. Full Tailored Health & Safety Policy
  2. Risk Assessments Template Pack
  3. Email Support
  4. Competent Person Certificate

Recommended minimum for companies employing more than 5 people who do not have a nominated competent person!

  1. Full Tailored Health & Safety Policy
  2. Health Safety Document Industry Specific Folders
  3. Risk Assessments Template Pack
  4. Telephone & Email Support
  5. Competent Person Certificate

With Safety Expert’s easy-to-use online service, you can get bespoke, affordable H&S documentation in minutes – saving you both time and money.

Builders risk assessment template
Be compliant in the next few minutes!

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Achieve peace of mind with H&S compliance, all in just a few clicks. Place your order now and we’ll get started.

Now at the moment we do not know what price to charge? As you can imagine it has taken quite a few years to build up this database of documents as we have been writing bespoke packs for various construction companies, Builders,  ground workers and so on.

We are due to have a directors meeting soon to iron out the last steps of launching this pack. Until then we are happy to release the odd bespoke risk assessment on a first come first serve basis.


If you have any input or comments on what you think is a fair price and what you would like to see included, please contact us here with your comments. Oh and we have decided to reward anyone who gives good suggestions that we can use.

So if you want to be updated on the release date and price just leave your email address on the contact page.

Until then stay safe!

Builders risk assessment templates

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