Are Rottweilers easy to train or dangerous?

We have this E-mail today and would love any comments from people who have views on Rottweilers, plus any information on whether just anyone is able to train them or do they need to become a professional trainer?

Dangerous Rottweiler

Dear Safety Expert

I am a 42-year-old male and have recently changed my job to allow me to work from home. This has been fine so far but leaves me a lot of time to myself as the children are at school all day and my wife works full-time.

I was thinking about getting a Dog for myself and the family and have always fancied a Rottweiler as my uncle used to own one when i was a teenager. I have vivid memories of his dog Frank, we used to visit my uncle in the South of Spain for the Summer holidays and he would let me take Frank for long walks for hours and hours through the Spanish orange groves.

So having a lot of time in the day I could walk a large dog (im sure they need lots of exercise) for a few hours at a time. Now I know im not 13 anymore and I wont be in the south of spain but still I think it will be great.

OK so I was talking to a few people at the local bar and told them about my plans and all I can describe is a look of horror on there faces.

They then spent the next hour warning me about how dangerous Rottweilers are and how they are on the dangerous dog list and what impact it could have on my family.

As you can imagine I started to doubt my memories with frank and started to question myself as whether I would be able to train such a dog or should I not bother and get something smaller?

So I would like it if you could put this letter up on your website in the hope that people with similar experience could give me some advice and let me know if these dogs are really a threat to my family’s health and safety.

Best regards

Mr. Dog lover

So there you have it folks all comments are welcome.