kitchen safety for children should mothers worry?

Had an interesting but worrying call from an angry mother today.

OK let me set the scene.

You’re a busy mother with a small baby who can crawl and get himself into all kinds of mischief.

You know the story your ironing or maybe changing the bed-clothes and you turn your back for half a minute and he has gone? Maybe under a bed or in the wardrobe?

“Even if you have a well-behaved baby we all know they love to explore!”

Not this time, it just so happened the little tyke had made his way to the kitchen and managed to open the kitchen cupboard below the wash basin.

Now if your like 90% of the population I bet you keep a plethora of dangerous cleaning and other products such as bleach and god knows what under there?

Luckily she managed to grab him just in time.

So a near miss? A common problem of having dangerous chemicals within easy reach for a toddler. Simple answer find a way to lock the cupboard or move said chemicals to a high storage area out of harms way right?

Wrong! Problem not yet solved!

Now im sure these items would be the last choice of toys for your toddler to play with but they have a strange similarity that attracts children and any human for that matter towards them.

Wondering what im talking about?
Go and look at your selection of cleaning products and I will bet you that most of them are in bright and even luminous coloured bottles that put your baby’s toys to shame on a scale of  attractiveness?

Well that is exactly what this angry mother discovered. Her baby continued to try to get to these products and she stated that her boy threw a tantrum when she removed the bright coloured products from sight!

So if your toddler goes for the cleaning products once be aware that it could happen again!

Maybe we should raise awareness to the dangerous chemicals manufacturers that not only are these bright, funky colours attracting gullible customers but they are attracting the most important assets in a mother’s life.

I am sure there is some type of disclaimer to cover these companies on the bottle in small text like:

Keep out of reach from children.

Is that enough?

Attractive to a baby?
Bleach Bottle Attractive But dangerous

I wonder if it would be a good idea to have a Chain Saw that looked like a Baby Bunny Rabbit?