Has Health and Safety gone mad in the UK?

From stories about firemen not being allowed to use there poles, to kids being banned from playing conkers, has the world really gone mad over health and safety or is it just the UK?

Health and safety gone mad?

You may think that me being a safety expert I would be a very boring person with no personality, maybe labelled as one of the “Fun Police”.

You know the serious looking one on site with the big cross on his hard hat going round telling everyone that they are not doing something properly, basically holding people up from doing there real work and costing everyone money in lack of production.
Well you would be right, so don’t let me catch you breaking the rules! Only joking
To be honest there are that many personalities in all line’s of business that you can hardly stereotype one.
That being said maybe certain roles attract certain people.

Are all traffic wardens evil?
Are all care workers angels?
Are all actors’ empty soulless shadows of human beings?
Are all safety consultants’ fun police?
No not at all.
Anyway moving on before I get myself in to trouble the truth is I own a motorbike, enjoy various types of what some consider “dangerous  activities” and have the famous “Lunch atop a Skyscraper, 1932” picture of workmen eating there lunch hundreds of feet in the air with no harnesses displayed in my bedroom.
So now I have hopefully debunked a stereotypical image of myself let me tell you what I think is true.
A lot of laws are put in place to be of benefit and to maintaining the health, Safety and wellbeing of the general workforce, public and anyone who may be affected throughout the UK.
Many of these regulations, laws and guidelines have been proven to reduce and reduce loss, damage and injury.
So what about all the crazy stories mentioned at the top?
Does “no win no fee” ring any bells?
I will elaborate on this subject in the next post.
Until then Stay Safe!