Welcome to the Safety Expert Blog

This is the first installation of what we hope will be many helpful hints and tips of how to get your small to medium sized business up and running with your health and safety systems.

We have decided to make an easy to use and easy to understand site regarding everything health and safety.

This site will be most useful throughout the United Kingdom but will also be a wealth of information and help throughout Europe, North America and the world.

We will be adding new content at regular intervals and alerting you all to new legislation and regulations they may affect your business.

As we are seeing a slight rise in new business start ups in the UK since the recession, we feel it to be a good time to provide help and guidance to make your new venture run as smooth as possible.

We are all hoping that there is now light at the end of this long and drawn out downturn and are confident that new start-up businesses will steadily continue to increase as time passes.

Please keep checking back for regular updates as they will be plentiful, regular and full of useful information that you will be able to implement into your new business.

Our main goal “as often is most companies” is to keep you and your workers healthy and safe, but also help you understand your legal requirements without the all so often view of “Has health and safety gone mad?”

We will point out what is over the top and not required as well as giving you suggestions and guidelines.

Also we would like to point out this will not be a literary masterpiece as thoughts, feelings and news will be added as and when conceived. This could be in the middle of a journey, from within a meeting or a revelation at 2am.
The point is we will keep you updated with easy to follow information as we can.

Until next time

The Safety Expert.

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