What type of policy Pack do you need?

Decisions decisions decisions!

Now you have a few options here! You can choose one of the express packs on this page and start to get up and running fast or you can contact us for an all singing all dancing hands on consultancy service!

What is the difference?

OK to compete with a lot of sites on the internet we have decided to compose express health and safety packs. These are far more in depth, have more content and are generally superior to most policies that can be purchased online. Oh and are more cost effective!

These health and safety packs will be more than substantial for most small to medium sized businesses. They will ensure you are legal (as far as your health and safety policy goes!).

You will have to fill out some details on a short questionnaire such as company name, persons in charge and so on. Full instructions are in the ordering process.

Now the more in depth option is to have a full consultancy service!

This is for a total consultancy solution.

If you are in the construction industry (or other high risk area), maybe trying to win a major contract or gain health and safety accreditation then a copy of your health and safety policy (at a minimum!) will soon be requested by all major contractors and/or authorities!

With the full consultancy service we will send you a set of questions relating to your business, once we receive your completed questionnaire we will then send you an estimate and recommended services we can provide to get you up to date.
If you are happy with the price and time scale we will get to work on your services. This will also include sample method statements, risk assessments, environmental policy, fire risk assessment checklists and anything else you may want or anything we think you may need.

Click here for your Pro Company Policy Pack!