Need a custom Health and Safety Policy?

You need look no more!
We have over 40 years combined experience and our highly qualified staff have been writing, editing and updating health and safety documents since 2003.

Most of the hundreds of businesses in the UK and Europe that we deal with have paid well in excess of £3000.00 (even up to £12000.00!) for their bespoke health and safety documentation.

We have come up with this unique opportunity for you to have your very own bespoke health and safety pack (just as comprehensive as those mentioned above) for a fraction of the price thanks to  out expertise and modern technology.

All the hard work has been done! So you can have access to our Goliath sized database and our unique algorithm will create (in combination with our experts!) an individual policy that will suit your business perfectly.

Just answer some simple but important questions about your business and we will with the help of our computer pick the relevant sections from our database and write your health and safety policy complete with all company details, staff, responsibilities and other necessary information.

Once completed you can download, save, print, copy, edit and so on as required.
It is that simple!

Click here to create your own unique company health and safety policy!

If this deal does not exceed your requirements and expectations we will not rest until you are satisfied!